Financial Strategy

Should You Gamble With Your Money?

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A couple of days ago, I heard one of the strangest ideas ever. I was talking with an old friend about business, and he said that he wanted to go and spend $5,000 on lottery tickets, and hopes to win big. He rationalized this by saying that it was for business investment, and “the stock […]


Why You Need A Life Plan

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From high schoolers looking at colleges to young adults who have recently graduated, the most daunting question continues to be, “What are you going to do with your life?”. This single question accounts for a stunning amount of stress and anxiety that can be found in most young people. But, for all simple problems, there is […]

Capital Growth

Your Teens Are The Best Time For Capital Growth

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Financially, We’re In The Best Time Of Our Lives   Many adolescents are frustrated because they feel that the money they make now won’t be beneficial in the future. They feel that ‘living in the moment’ and buying impulsively is better than investing for the future. I was definitely one of those people, spending as soon as […]