Buying Instagram Followers For “Social Proof”

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Is buying Instagram followers for social proofing worth it? Here are my thoughts. After reading the pros and cons about social proofing by purchasing followers for Instagram, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. I went and bought several hundred followers. In this article we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of […]

Financial Strategy

10 Big Ideas For Any Millionaire By 25

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The following 10 points were posted on my Instagram account, found @25millionaire. I post daily inspiration, as well as interesting points and education on big concepts.   Business Is Like A Mountian How do you think the person got to the top of the mountain. Firstly, he actually got up, decided to climb the mountain, […]


How To Get 10,000 Instagram Followers

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Over the past few years, Instagram has grown into a major marketing tool. The company has about 500 million monthly active users, so you can reach a wide audience and promote your business or ideas. Even better, you can target certain user groups through hashtags and follow lists. Many people and businesses start an Instagram, […]