The Millionaire By 25 Podcast

The Millionaire By 25 podcast is a weekly podcast discussing investing strategies, financial news and all things money to give you daily ideas and motivation, and allow you to reach your goal. This is a great podcast for the commute, most episodes range from 20-25 minutes, and are published on Monday.

What Happens When Interest Rates Go Negative?

The other week I came across a very interesting topic called negative interest rates. With the Fed having rates so close to zero I wondered if they could go under 0, and what would happen if they did. Through further research, I was surprised to see that many...

My Goals | The Millionaire By 25 Podcast | Episode 14

In today's podcast, James discusses his goals, and how to set and achieve your own. This podcast is created to help you on your journey in becoming a Millionaire by age 25. Combined with the Millionaire by 25 Blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account, James provides...

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