Facebook Groups + Amazon Associates = $$$$

Here’s an easy way to make some online money with low time and effort requirements.


You need two things: A Facebook Account, and and Amazon Associates account.

The idea behind this money-making strategy is to use the Amazon affiliate account to recommend products to various people in Facebook groups. The magic about Facebook groups is that it give you a specific type of person/consumer. For example, if you join a Fashion Group, then you can recommend fashion products. If you join a business group, then you can recommend a business products.

It’s a very simple idea to make money, and it really works. I experimented with this idea for a week, and walked away with a couple hundred dollars.

I leveraged my expertise and credibility on several Facebook groups to use this strategy and see if it works. In these groups, people asked questions and answers. If I was knowledgeable on the topic, and answer one of their questions, I did. At the end of my answer I included this phrase: This [Book – Insert Amazon Link] really helped me out with this topic.

This strategy turned out to work very well, and got a lot of clicks. About 5% of those Clicks turned into purchases, and I got a cut with the Amazon Associates account.

Before you go and run off to try this, I have several recommendations:
First, Don’t go and spam links in random places. Target.
Secondly, Provide the person with something of value, like advice before linking.
Recommend products that you know are good (for example, I’ve read all the books I recognized.)
In general, don’t act like you’re only in it for the money (even though you are).

After experimenting with this I made some cash, but have chosen to not do this method regularly – I make more doing other things. But, whatever the case is, FB+AZ is a surefire way to make a couple of bucks.

Check out my Amazon Associates links:

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