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The Best Facebook Groups For Entrepreneurs

Facebook groups are a killer resource for entrepreneurs, if you know how to use it. If you don’t, you’ll just get lost in the Maze and end up wasting precious time.

Everybody knows what Facebook is, but what they don’t know is that it could be a great resource for Learning and knowledge. This can’t be done by scrolling through your feed, but instead by subscribing to several groups that consist of people with the same interests as you. However, the key to using Facebook groups to learn, rather than getting lost in them, is to join the right ones.

Unfortunately, about 80% of Facebook groups are overrun with scammers, and a big waste of your time. Here’s what I mean:

At least Joseph S Griego is fed up with this too

To these posts, I usually respond with this GIF, and leave the group.

But then there are the 20% of groups that post amazing, insightful posts with great takeaways. There are also great Q&A’s where someone asks a question, and a highly qualified member answers. It’s amazing because most of them probably offer their services for an hourly rate, yet here they are answering questions. The takeaways I’ve had from some of these Q&A’s are amazing.

In addition, if you find the right group, it’s perfect for networking. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next business partner on it!

From my research, here are the top Facebook groups for entrepreneurs (I’m in all four).

Coffee With Dan

Coffee with Dan is mainly a question and answers group, where all types of entrepreneurs come together. There are also several great polls, as well as recommendations. I’ve learned a lot from this group, mainly general knowledge about entrepreneurship, and starting your own business.

Entrepreneur Hustle

Entrepreneur Hustle is another group that focuses on everything entrepreneur. People from Farmers to software developers are in this group, and all answer questions. However, unlike coffee with Dan, this group is much more motivational. Several motivational messages are posted daily in this group, and really help!

The Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind

This group is a Specialty Group focused on real estate. It was started by Graham Stephan, a amazing YouTuber who focuses on real estate and real estate investment as a young adult. While it only focuses on real estate, it focuses on it really well. Questions and answers go through the group, as well as motivation, and all-around knowledge. I’ve probably learn the most about real estate investment through this group, not through books.

Consulting Community™

Consulting Community is a another group that focuses on Consulting. If you want to be a consultant, or sell your services, this is a great group to learn about mainly sales, but also Consulting.

I highly suggest you join these groups, if they relate to your interests, because you will learn an amazing amount of things in a very short time. Hope to see you there!

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