Solve The Issue of Sweaty Handshakes

One of the biggest issues I’ve come across when doing business with others (especially door-knocking) is that sometimes my hands are sweaty. While this isn’t always the case, walking around NYC in the 95 degree summer all day can definitely lead to it. A handshake is one of the most important first impression tools you have. If it is solid, people feel that there is control to the interaction, and take you more seriously.

However, having clammy or sweaty hands can completely negate whatever control you try to convey through the handshake, and take the clients attention off the actual interaction. It’s an issue, and one that I experienced briefly. However, almost instantly, I recognized that there was an issue, and found a solution to it.

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The solution to my product was this lotion – Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion. At first, I thought that it would be a great business idea if there was no solution, but I was a couple of years late. This was good and bad – the bad was that the problem was already solved; I would not be able to make a business from my problem. The good was that there was already an easily accessible product on the market to solve sweaty handshakes.

Instantly I bought it. Instantly my problem was solved. Carpe is made for people with an actual condition called hyperhidrosis, which is basically excessive sweating. The good news for people without this problem, people with clammy hands, is that the lotion works great for you as well without any side effects.

While I’d like to give an in depth review, there is no room for depth. I bought the product, it made my hands drier and not clammy. It worked, and worked well.

If you ever find yourself in this problem, realize that there is a quick solution. For under $15, I think it’s a great solution and one that you should instantly purchase. I’ve used this product in the past and will continue to use it into the future.

Just a note, clicking on the Amazon link (click the image of the hand lotion), even to just check it out will support the blog at no cost to you. Also, Carpe did not ask me to write this post. I recognized an issue, solved it, and wanted to share it with my readers.

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