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My Life: Summer 2018

Really quick update on my life:

I haven’t been posting for months now. This is mainly because I got sidetracked with other business projects. Firstly, I made WappCap into a company that people submitted financial media to, and then WappCap in turn would take that media and give it to paying subscribers. While this worked on a small scale, margins were very low and there was a massive time requirement. I shut the program down two months ago, and now periodically write for the WappCap Seeking Alpha account. What makes me really happy is that it is still in the top 1% of financial bloggers on as I write this post.

My internship continues, I go in on Tus-Thurs, cold call, canvas, and do other commercial realty stuff. It’s great fun, and teaches me immensely about sales.

I took the internship cold calling skills, and decided to create a web design business. Out of all the businesses that I’ve founded this one has the highest margins, and could really be a cash cow. It’s still in the beginning phases, but I hope to get it to make at least $5k per month by January. I think this is very doable.

I’ve gotten several new books that I will be reviewing soon. I also think that I will begin waking up at 5AM every morning again to go on runs and write some posts for this.

This blog gets consistent views which is very motivational. Over the next few months I want to continue the growth of this blog.

One more thing – many of the images are broken in this blog, as it was hacked a few months ago. No content was damaged, but the images are gone.


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