What Men Should Wear To Work In The Summer

What do I wear to work when it gets warm out?

It’s a big question for many, especially those in their first job or internship. Your appearance is a big part of looking and acting professional, and how you dress is always noticed by your superiors. This may cause you to stress out over what to wear, especially if you’re going into a new season for the first time professionally. However, there are three simple answers to this question.

First lets start off with what should never be worn to work, in all seasons but especially summer (you might think I’m joking, but some people try this:)


Depending on the culture of your workplace, you may want to skip shorts all together, but in any setting, loose the short shorts. Business is a conservative world when it comes to clothing. Nobody in the workplace wants to see that much of your legs, no matter how good they may look. In some settings, even long shorts may be pushing it, like meetings, or high-level positions in corporations.

If you are unsure about whether you should wear shorts or pants, follow these simple rule of Workplace Clothing – Copy when everybody else wears. If shorts are commonplace in the office, then feel free to wear them. If they aren’t, then don’t wear them. It’s pretty simple. But even if they are commonplace in the office, don’t wear the ones that look like boxers. Instead, stick to the ones that go down to your knees.

Unless everybody else in your office where is this, steer clear.

Sweats and Tank tops

It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, sweats and tank tops have no place in office environment. You may be tempted to wear a tank top in the summer, due to the heat. Don’t. And thoughts are probably one of the single most unprofessional articles of clothing you could wear, and sweatshirts and sweatpants are close runner-ups.

There’s a time and a place for this type of clothing, like when you’re walking your dog, or in the gym, but not during work.

Keep the tank in the gym.


They should sound like the perfect article of clothing for the summer time, and they are, just not in the workplace. There’s a simple, much more professional alternative it is article of clothing, known as a polo. Wear that instead.

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Here’s why you shouldn’t wear a t-shirt to work.

Now let’s discuss what should be worn to work. You may have been expecting this, but the most appropriate outfit to wear to work is the one that you wore in the winter. A long sleeve button down shirt, nothing to some chinos or dress pants. While it might sound hot, it is the professional’s choice, whether it’s negative 30 degrees outside, or a hundred degrees.

However, this isn’t always the case, especially nowadays. You’ll see that major corporate offices, and even Town Halls are moving away from this traditional way of dressing. More and more people are going to work in boat shoes and shorts, paired with polo shirts.

There are three common outfits that are okay to wear to work, depending on the corporate culture. If it’s a very conservative business, like accounting, you’ll probably want to wear long pants, and a button-down shirt. A step down from this is long pants and a polo shirt or short sleeve button-down. Finally, the most casual but appropriate outfit for the workplace would be a polo paired with some shorts.

You may have been hoping for a better answer, but the unfortunate truth is that you will probably be wearing the same thing you wear in the winter, in the summer. It’s just how it goes. But, I’m glad that you didn’t show up to work in 4 in short shorts, and a tank top? Me too.

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