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Missing Goals

In the beginning of the year, specifically January 1st, I posted my goals list on my Instagram story saying, “let’s have a YEAR!”

Included in that goes list was to post every day on the blog for a full year. Well, for the first month and nine days, I posted every single day on the Blog. It was very difficult, because I have a pretty full schedule without writing a post every day, but I managed to make time for and create a post to the best of my ability to share to you.

Then yesterday, Saturday, February 10th, I missed my first post. After 41 post straight, I missed one. The reason I miss this post was because I was working at my job all of Saturday morning, into the evening. I got home at around 6, and felt very bad/sick. Determined to post, I opened up the computer, but decided to put my head down, and closed my eyes for a few minutes. Well, I closed my eyes, and those few minutes turned into 10 hours and I woke up in the morning time.

I hate failing. I think two of the biggest drives of mine are “want for accomplishment”, and “fear of failure”. If I want to do something, I will do everything in my power to achieve that. I will wake up at 5 a.m., and go to sleep at 12 just to draft podcast and create blog posts. I will work every weekend of my high school career so I can afford a down payment for an investment home before age 20. If I want to achieve something, then chances are I will. I also fear failing, especially when I know that others are counting on me. If someone asks me to do something important, I will work as hard as I can to accomplish it, because I fear failing. I’d say my biggest fear in life is not death, but it’s looking somebody in the eyes and telling them that I couldn’t do it.

The combination of these two motives really enable me to do whatever I want to do. About a year ago I decided I wanted to become a top Financial blogger, so I worked my ass off until I became a top 100 bloggers in the world. I told everybody this was my goal, and due to fear of failure, I had to achieve it.

Well, yesterday or this morning I should say, I failed you. I promised that I would post everyday, and I broke it. However, I feel that it was out of my control that day to write a blog post.

But, I could have drafted a post the other day for emergencies, when I did not have the will, or power to write one. I didn’t. Therefore I failed.

However, this failure has led me to look at my goals. What I wrote down that I wanted to post every single day, I did not anticipate the amount of time that would be going into each blog post. I have about an hour everyday to write a post, and while on some days that might be more than enough time, other days require 3 hours or 4 hours to write a post. I end up writing a four-hour Post in 1 hour, and the end product isn’t very good. Sure, it’s readable but I don’t feel that I put 100% effort into it, and it bugs me.

Over the next few weeks, or days, I’m going to be reviewing my goal of posting every day. I’ve been thinking about cutting the amount of blog posts a week down to three or four. This will allow me to write longer, more quality post, but with less quantity. One of the main reasons my goal was to post every day, was to allow this blog to grow, because Google would index those posts and push people to the blog. However, the blog has experienced a lot of growth in just these few weeks, and I feel like I would rather focus on quality over quantity.

If I do decide to post three or four posts a week, and stop doing a daily post, I will let you guys know, and attach a revised goals list for 2018. Remember, entrepreneurs, and business name need to be flexible. Nothing is set in stone, even goals. You should work as hard as you can to achieve a goal, but if it is detrimental to you or others, then you should understand that it should be revised.

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