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Why 100% Effort Matters

Do you make feel that effort is an overlooked part of business, I think that it is the single most important trait to have in a character. You can be extremely intelligent, and have the ability to sell many problems, but without putting effort into this, you will never achieve anything. I think that effort is overlooked as a whole, and isn’t really talked about him business, probably because it’s implied that to be in business you need to have effort.

The majority of the people that I’ve worked with over the years do put effort in. However, I think there’s a difference between 100% effort and just normal effort. Many people put in just enough effort to get by. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, especially when you could be doing more, and you’re not. It upsets me that people try to get by doing the least amount of work possible.

In the short-term, doing the least amount of work possible could be good for you. You don’t have to do a lot of work, and you will still get paid at the end of the day. However, putting in minimal effort adds up over time, and people will notice. If you continuously put in the minimal amount of effort possible, you’re basically putting yourself on the short and narrow road to being released from your position.

On the other hand, if you put it in 100% of your effort all the time yeah, you’ll see a lot more benefits. Sure, you’ll be doing more work, but in the long run it will pay off 100 times more than doing minimal effort. People notice when you put your all into something, and if you do this consistently, make it a habit where you don’t even think about doing it, then you’ll be successful no matter what you do in life. Like putting in the minimal amount of effort, putting in the maximum amount of effort will add up over time, and people will respect you for this, And treat you better.

Especially if you are an entrepreneur or in business, you should get in the habit of putting in as much effort as possible. As an entrepreneur, the only way you will be successful, is if you put in all your effort all the time, because the only person that will get things done is you. I think many young people don’t understand this concept, and choose to put in the least amount of effort as possible.

People need to learn that this is ultimately going to lead to their downfall in the end. It’s like a short-term reward, at the expense of a much larger long-term reward. So, if you’re young person reading this right now, understand that you need to put in as much effort as possible all the time. It’s not as hard as you think, because you want to form the habit, you won’t even be thinking about putting in this effort. It will just be part of your nature.

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