Why You Need A Watch In A Digital Age

In the past 30 years, the once timeless watch has all but disappeared from the arms of many. This is mainly due to the rise of smartphones, and the fact that you don’t actually need a watch to function in society anymore. However, just because you don’t need a watch to tell time, doesn’t mean that you no longer need to wear a watch for good.

You need to be wearing a watch, especially when it comes to business.

Watchlessness is even more common among young people, who haven’t even gotten into the habit of wearing a watch in the past. Teens and young adults have grown up in an age where you no longer needed time telling device strapped to your wrist.

However, back then and still to this day, watches tell much more than just the time.

In business, the time telling function of a watch come secondary to its main feature. Watches have been a status symbol ever since they were invented. If you are wearing a nice watch, people will notice, and respect you for it. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex or Omega (that you get bonus points if you’re wearing one), because the truth is, many people can’t even tell. It just needs to look nice.

However, once you enter further into the business world, people will be able to tell. This is when wearing expensive watches becomes a must. Ariel Adams writes about this in this Forbes article. “A man in Switzerland once told me with grave seriousness that “you aren’t taken seriously in business in Europe if you don’t have a good mechanical watch.” That might also hold true for Asia, and other parts of the world.”

Even if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a nice European watch, they still make you look more sophisticated, and complete an outfit. Also, lets not forget – they tell the time.

Mark Horstman, cofounder of Manager Tools, recommends wearing a watch to job interviews. He makes this recommendation because managing time in an interview is important. Checking your watch in that setting is a subtle gesture, will taking out a phone is considered rude.

Some Millennials are bringing back the analog watch, but not for the reasons listed above. Multiple watch startups have popped up in the past few years, with young owners marketing towards millennials.

“I think a lot about why millennials are buying watches,” Artjem Weissbeck, the co-founder and CEO of Kapten & Son says. “The core of the answer has to do with their psychology. Many of us are feeling that we’re not consuming technology anymore: technology is consuming us.”

Whatever the case is, put the phone back in your pocket, and put a watch on your wrist.

[ PS. Never, ever, ever purchase and wear a fake or imitation watch. There are many stories of people wearing these watches, and eventually getting called out about it. People in business know their watches, and can tell from miles away.]

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