How To Get 10,000 Instagram Followers

Over the past few years, Instagram has grown into a major marketing tool. The company has about 500 million monthly active users, so you can reach a wide audience and promote your business or ideas. Even better, you can target certain user groups through hashtags and follow lists.

Many people and businesses start an Instagram, but don’t see success, get discouraged, and give up. They want to see a lot of growth really quickly. Unfortunately, if you don’t buy followers, you’ll see compounding growth. In the beginning it may be slow, but it will pick up and eventually skyrocket, just like a monetary investment.

However, you can make this process a little bit quicker by implementing some Instagram strategy. There are certain methods, tips and techniques that you could use to make your request to Instagram influencer a whole lot quicker and easier. Here are three ways that you can grow your Instagram following to 10,000 followers.

1) Make your page aesthetically pleasing, and focus on your content

It’s a simple concept that many people don’t get. The more visually pleasing your page is, the more people will want to connect with you. Think about it, if you go to an account that doesn’t have a bio or an Instagram profile photo, would you want to follow it?

Take the simple steps to thoughtfully develop your bio, and plop a great profile photo onto it. If your company, then use your company logo. If you’re a person, or person who represents the company, use a high-quality headshot. If it all possible, you should always use a headshot. Studies show that people connect more with accounts that have a face associated with them rather than a logo. Only use these two types of profile photos, no selfies or other unprofessional images. In the world of business, professional is the only thing that goes.

2) Use hashtags to your benefit

Many failed the utilize the most important feature of Instagram. Hashtags. It’s basically free targeted marketing, like ads, but with no cost. It allows users to search for what they want to see, and then get that content compiled into a list for them.

This is great for businesses because they can easily target their user demographic without running ads. However, don’t just put any odd hashtags down onto the post. Create a list (more is better) of topics that you want to use. Then use hashtag analysis tools, they can be found anywhere on Google, to make these topics into popular hashtags. But don’t just use popular hashtags, make it a mix of both popular and low-traffic hashtags.

Popular hashtags allow you to reach more people, but less popular, low traffic hashtags give you more conversions. Low traffic hashtags are easier to get into the top post section, where you want to be.

3) Add long, detailed, thoughtful captions to your posts

You’re allowed to write 2,200 characters on Instagram posts. Reading a couple paragraphs of extremely valuable content paired with a great image is a good way to gain followers. I implement this method into every one of my posts, and my following is growing very quickly because of this.

Instagram shows three lines of these 2,200 characters, under the post. Then there’s the read more button. If you can capture your audience’s attention with these three lines, then you’ve got it – you’re in.

I want to quickly just mention buying followers. Among the Instagram Community, this is considered taboo and your account value quickly goes down if you buy followers. Also, would you want to have more followers that are fake, don’t interact with you, and don’t lead to sales, or would you rather have less organic followers that lead to more sales? All of you will say that the second choice is better. That’s why you shouldn’t end up buying followers. However, I just want to know that some accounts do buy followers, not to have interaction, but to build momentum, and have more real followers find their account. I have not verified this, but it could be a neat method, if it works. However my sentiment on buying followers still stands – don’t do it. Organic growth is just better.

You’ve probably heard the word thoughtful mentioned once or twice throughout this article. That’s the main theme here. As long as you are thoughtful about the content that you post on your Instagram, your account will grow in no time. Be mindful, be thoughtful.

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