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Week 9: Internships

I always strive to practice what I preach.

I find that gurus just are incredible to me, because they’re not making their money off stocks or real estate, they’re making their money off selling shows. Many don’t practice what they preach or do it to the extent necessary for credibility.

That’s one of the reasons I really like Graham Stephan and follow his videos closely. He’s a perfect example of practicing what you preach, a real estate agent, millionaire by age 26, and a great investor. Because he shares what he actually does, rather than touring and making money by selling shows, he has a lot more credibility than someone like Grant Cardone.

In my life, I try to practice what I preach. I don’t want to be that person who’s never done something, the claims to be an expert on it. I want to be the one who teaches from experience.

The best way to teach from experience is to actually have that experience. That’s why I talk a lot about investing in stocks, getting online jobs, and working part-time in the real world. I’ve done all of this, and feel that I can share my knowledge because of this. However, I want to be able to talk about real estate (namely Commercial Real Estate). I also want to be able to talk about working in the real, professional, world professional rather than an unskilled maintenance job.

I also want to learn about commercial real estate, because it’s an aspect of my life plan. I want to be able to first by residential and rent it out, but eventually,  work up to commercial real estate like Office Buildings and warehouses. That is how I want to build my wealth.

The best way to learn is by experience, and that’s why I always say that an internship is an extremely valuable thing to possess. It teaches you more skills than any book ever could.

But, I’ve never actually had an internship, only a job. Well, tomorrow that’s changing. I was able to get an intern position at the Kaufman Organization (through networking). The Kaufman Organization is a commercial real estate company that basically owns half of Manhattan.

I’m very excited for this because you will allow me to the network, learn real estate and more. I’m especially excited to learn, previously I thought I would only be able to learn on the job as a residential real estate agent. To become an agent, I’d have to wait until I’m 18. I see this internship as a shortcut of sorts, giving me a two-year head start in the Real Estate field. By the time I’m 18, I hope to possess the skills that will allow me to be a successful agent (or successful in the industry, as an investor).

I’m also going to get my first dosage of professional life, as I have a commute from Westchester to New York City on the days that I intern. I’ll be keeping you guys updated on what I learn through blog posts, as well as live updates on the Instagram at @25millionaire.

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