The Crypto Revolution: Should You Buy In? | The Millionaire By 25 Podcast | Episode 2

Welcome to the Millionaire By 25 podcast, hosted by James LePage.

In today’s episode, James discusses the recent cryptocurrency craze, and if you should buy into it. He discusses Bitcoin, blockchain and the financial industry’s recent pivot on their viewpoint regarding crypto.

UPDATE: As I was recording this podcast, news came out that South Korea was going to ban cryptocurrency. Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki claimed his ministry “is basically preparing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading through exchanges” following “enough discussion” with a range of government agencies, including the finance ministry. The market reacted, with most cryptocurrencies falling 10% on the news. I personally am not worried about this so-called “ban”. There was never an official statement, and Reuters itself points out that any draft legislation would require the approval of parliament which could take months, if not years. 

This podcast is created to help you on your journey in becoming a Millionaire by age 25. Combined with the Millionaire by 25 Blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account, James provides content to teach you financial strategy, investing and everything money.



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