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Online Businesses That You Can Start As A Teen

Starting a business is one of the best things that you can do with your time, especially as a young adult, but many don’t really know where to start.

If you’re able to create a profitable business or find a great side hustle, by the time you go to college, you’ll be financially secure for the rest of your life, and able to chase bigger opportunities. Here are a few business and side hustles that you can use and build upon, as well as advice on actually starting the venture.

Real Estate

Becoming a real estate agent is a great way to jumpstart your professional career. It requires low start-up costs and no college degree. and, you only need to be 18 to become legally licensed. I think that being a real estate agent is hands down one of the best ways to build your network.

Do you actually become an agent, you need to take some courses in real estate, as well as classes to pass the licensing test. The entire cost of Licensing is only around $200 and startup fees in total are about $1,500.

From then, you find your brokerage and get a job. Then, it’s Off to the Races. While your first few years might be a little slow, you’ll build up momentum within 5 years, and have a great career ahead of you if you choose to continue.

Even if you don’t choose real estate as your final career path, it’s a great way to build a network and learn valuable skills about wealth, selling things and people skills, which you then can apply to your Entrepreneurial Journey.


I think the writing is one of the best things to do as a teen to begin getting paid online and to build a presence. This is one of the only side hustles where your age doesn’t really matter – you can start at 12 years old, or you could start at 20 years old.

I personally got started making money online, by writing financial analysis articles for big publishing services. Then I moved on from that, to write this blog.

I got paid for both things, and I’m only 16 years old. It feels great to get a direct deposit into your bank account every month with earnings that you created from writing. I look at it like this- my parents’ investment in my education is paying off early. I go to English class every day to learn how to write, and I’m actually using those skills to make money now.

If you’re over 18, it’s extremely easy to get started writing Financial articles. You can head over to Seeking Alpha, create a contributors account, and begin getting paid for articles. Even if you’re under 18, you can get paid for your writing pretty easily. You can create a free blog on, and publish a daily blog post about something that you care about. Then, as your traffic grows, you can get paid from affiliate marketing and ads.

Writing is extremely open-ended – I know a person who committed to writing an answer on Quora (a Q&A platform) every single day for a year. After that year was up, he was getting daily emails from major magazines and newspapers asking him to write for them.

E-commerce – Dropshipping

You’d be extremely surprised and how easy it is to set up a drop-shipping website or Amazon store.

Drop shipping is extremely easy and has a simple formula that you can replicate. Simply find products for a low price, Rebrand them, mark them up and sell them at a higher price. You pocket the difference between what you buy the product for and what you sell the product for. (I’ll have a blog post, going to more depth on this published next week, detailing what I did to build a dropshipping store.)

While you may originally be turned off by this idea because of the inventory, you can get your products shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer, eliminating the need to hold products in your basement, or Warehouse.

The start-up costs for this business are very low, especially if you’re going to do t-shirts or apparel. They range from $400 to $1000. I think the most difficult part of this gig is finding manufacturers for your product. However, if you put the time and effort into this business, you can make enough to live off of. Then, it won’t just be a side gig – it will be something that will support you, with minimal work.


Today, creating art and selling it online could never be easier. If you take great photos, you can sell them to stock photo websites, like Shutterstock. This is a great side hustle and can make you a lot of money if you figure out what photos sell best.

If you’re a graphic designer and a wiz with Photoshop, then you can put these skills to good use, and create graphic designs for people and companies on Fiverr. I know people who are making six figures, simply from designing t-shirts and logos.

You can even sell your paintings online, by digitizing them and then selling them on auction sites. If a white canvas with one black dot on it can sell for $400,000 on eBay, it’s no stretch to say that you can make a couple of bucks selling your paintings. You can sell your artwork on places like Fine Art America or eBay.


Coaching and tutoring are great ways to earn money, both on and offline. If you have a skill in one particular subject, why not teach others how to do it – and get paid for it.

You can post instructional videos to websites like udemy and get paid every time somebody buys your course. If you’re great at basketball, teach people how to play. If you’re great at knitting, teach people how to knit. If you’re great at explaining things and good with people, customers will come to you.

There a lot of people making a couple thousand dollars a month, because they’re great teachers and their courses (which take an hour to create) are highly recommended.


If you’re good at code, why not try developing apps. Create Android and Apple apps, and then sell them on the App Store. Many teenagers have become rich because they’ve taught themselves how to code and then created a viral app.

Corporations also pay people a lot of money to create websites. If you have a good quality product, that is better than your competition, then your age doesn’t matter.

Social Media Managing 

Why not do something that you’re already great at? Social media. It’s amazing how much companies will pay for somebody to manage their social media, and draw in clients. There are many interns we’re getting paid full-time salaries to manage Instagram feeds and Facebook pages on the side. Start small, and work your way up. Build a reputation for managing great social media accounts and you might be able to land a major job, doing something that you already do.

If You’re Under The Age Of 18…

If you’re under the age of 18, and you tried to start your own business, chances are you coming to barriers especially when trying to sign up to become a contributor. You can get around these, by using your parents as a proxy. Ask them to open the account for you.

But remember, some things you just can’t do if you are minor. This happens to the be the case, mainly in online writing, there are tons of other opportunities. Especially in writing. If you start building your online presence as a sixteen-year-old (remember the Quora story), by the time you turn 18 years old you’ll be getting offers to write for magazines left and right.

Don’t waste your time with online surveys

It might be tempting to sign up for an online survey provider and receive hundreds of dollars for only a few minutes of your time. Unfortunately, this always turns out to be a scam. Even if it isn’t, it takes way too much time, and you get paid pennies. Rather than investing your time in these scams, you should invest in building a business.

 So, These Ideas Are Great, But How Do I Get Started?

Well first, I would encourage you to do further research either on this blog for Google. Figure out platforms that you can use to Market your products. If you want to create an e-commerce or dropshipping store, I have created a great guide but she can be found here.

I would encourage you to create a website (click here for a discount on hosting) or an Instagram page to market your product/service. Then, without hesitation, jump right into it. Create that website, or film that course. Just do it.

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