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Week 7: A New Platform

Recently, I’ve been stepping it up on my Instagram account, 25millionaire, posting one to three paragraph inspirational messages, as well as infographics and power quotes. People seem to like these, and I’m seeing a lot more likes recently. Because there’s a lot more engagement on Instagram, I’ve been able to get some feedback from poles that I posted in my story.

I asked if people would like a millionaire by 25 YouTube channel, and my audience responded with a big yes.

So, today is the day that I launch my YouTube channel. The above video the welcome message to the channel, where I explain what millionaire by 25 is, and a little bit about myself.

I’m really excited to bring the visual and audio aspect of teaching to my blog, and hope to post a video one to two times a week. I know that many people are visual learners and I hope this type of media will help you learn better.

On my goals list for 2018, I wrote that I wanted to “Grow my (new ) YouTube channel to 10,000 subscribers”. Let’s see if we can surpass this goal.

Keep on the lookout for new YouTube videos, as well as higher-quality Instagram photos. Now that I also have a video camera, I might start posting Instagram videos, as well. I also have audio equipment, so in the future, I’m probably going to start a podcast. Be on the lookout for these few things.

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