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Week 2: New Habits

We’re a little more than one week into this blog as I’m writing this. This week was a very active week for me – business-wise I’ve been doing a lot. Over the weekend I finalized the design of the website, and got everything up and running. This design is whats going to stay until the site grows larger and I get suggestions on what to change (if you have any ideas, tell me). I’m very happy with how the site turned out – I think the black and white with a little blue color palette is really neat and stands out. I’m using the Extra theme by ElegentThemes, and it is really easy to work with, I’m very happy with the investment.

I’ve been in the process of creating 2 new habits this week. Research suggests is that it takes about 21 days to form a habit, so I’ve been making a mental effort to actually do the task – I hope that in time it will be a subconscious action. The first habit is reading. I read on and off, but after doing some simple research for a post, Books You Need To Read, I realized that reading will really help my success. I have a 30-minute commute in the morning, and about 15 minutes back home in the afternoon. Usually, during this time, I listen to music or an occasional podcast, but I realized that it was a waste of 15 hours a month if I didn’t do something productive during that time. So, I decided to make a habit of reading during this time. Because of this, I could read as many as 7 books a month (I’m a quick reader) – something that is sure to be beneficial to me.

I am currently reading “The Sale Of A Lifetime” by Harry Dent, a really interesting book which I discuss in this post – “How To Predict The Financial Future”. I will be writing a review on it when I finish.

The other habit that I am creating is writing a post every night. This is easier to do because I can see actual progress in the form of pageviews every day. So far I haven’t missed a day, and I am making it my goal to not miss a day for a full year.

This weeks stock market was interesting, as I had some major gains and losses this week. Eventually, I came out green, and I’m feeling pretty good about next week due to the tax bill and some mergers occurring. I’m still waiting for an entry point to get into Amazon, and tomorrow may be that point, as CVS had a major pharma merger today.

This week I created social accounts for Millionaire By 25 on Twitter, Instagram, and a Facebook page. Instagram has seen some awesome growth, and while I’ve been focusing on Twitter, I feel that Instagram is the platform to use. Follow them @25millionaire (for Twitter and Instagram) and @1Mx25 for the Facebook page.

Have a great week,


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